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Game Description

#1206 - Wild Cherry Crossword Doubler

Wild Cherry Crossword Doubler ticket image.

How To Play

  1. PUZZLE 1, PUZZLE 2, and the CHERRY BLAST BONUS are played separately.
  2. Scratch YOUR 18 LETTERS to reveal the 18 letters to be used on this ticket.
  3. For each letter that is revealed in YOUR 18 LETTERS, scratch the same letter each time it is revealed in PUZZLE 1 and PUZZLE 2. For example, if the letter E is revealed in YOUR 18 LETTERS, scratch all E's in PUZZLE 1 and PUZZLE 2.


  1. If the revealed letters form three or more complete words in PUZZLE 1 or PUZZLE 2, win the prize shown in the corresponding PRIZE LEGEND.
  2. If you complete three or more words in either PUZZLE and one of the completed words contains a "Cherries" symbol, win DOUBLE the corresponding prize shown in the PRIZE LEGEND.
  3. Words completed on PUZZLE 1 and PUZZLE 2 cannot be combined to win an additional or higher prize. Example: Three words completed in PUZZLE 1 wins $10 and four words completed on PUZZLE 2 wins $15, for a prize sum of $25. You cannot combine the three words in PUZZLE 1 with the four words in PUZZLE 2 to claim seven completed words for a $100 prize.
  4. Only the highest amount won on the PRIZE LEGEND will be paid.

CHERRY BLAST BONUS: For each GAME reveal 3 like symbols, win the PRIZE shown for that GAME.

Overall odds 1 in 3.72